Tuesday, 6 February 2007

Up to you

The Debate

We've had a bit of a debate recently. On the purpose of blogging. Many of you who read this will have written. I should like to add my thoughts to the debate. It follows what I mentioned yesterday in passing.

You may have noticed that my list of blogs of note has lengthened. Let that show the increasing number. Not all of them are there. Only those, for some reason, noteworthy. And I was far from the first.

The 'Blogs'

Full credit must go to His Emminence, Gregory, for starting. He was - and is - inspiring. Mentor One is the person to whom he accredits his inspiration. 'Me and my Biretta' is the primogenitor.

Also of great note, however, is the writing of Fergus. His predates even Greg's. (And he is a technological genius.) He, too, wrote on the subject. With the greatest respect, I venture to quote a little of what he says:

'I fully intend not to write a journal - instead of cataloging my day I’d like to catalogue my thoughts. When reading blogs this is something that makes them stand out and, ultimately, makes them unique and interesting.' (i)

I hope that what you find here is interesting. Unfortunately, it is probably not. I hope, then, that it is unique.

My aims

I find that I cannot say much of what I think. Some is too obscure. Some too boring. But there are areas of interest to me which I'd like to share with you. They do not fit easily into conversation. If they do at all. This is what I have in mind to use this for. It may interest you. It may not. If it does not, leave it. Or suggest another topic. If I too find it interesting, I'll put that on in its place.

As I mentioned recently, I have an aim in mind. I shall repeat it here. Because I like the quotation.

'Most of it is controversial - I have deliberately made it so. It is to set you thinking, talking and writing about what I have said. None of it is a final view. It is done without hearing argument. It is done without consulting others. As always, I am ready to change my mind. So agree or disagree. But do please help to get things going'. (ii)

I mentioned much of this before when I looked at a similar subject.

To return to the specific charge

The charge levelled in the debate is essentially one of 'following the crowd'. I always hate to do this. Yet I will not avoid the crowd because of its existence. Many times I've thought of writing a 'blog'. I thought it too eccentric. I regret that I did not. I am certainly loving the creativity at the moment. It gives me another medium to argue a case. Which I love.

Before beginning, I expressed my concerns about the 'trendy' nature of this activity. How I hate that word. Yet this was my advice: 'Only do so if you have something to write'. It took me nearly a week to establish that I could write a decent post. I hope you consider that I have something, however monomaniacally obscure, to write.


It's your call, really. Am I a sheep, following the trend for social acceptance? I hope you think not. We all have something to write. Some write about mundane events. To stay light-weight.
Some have perfected the art. Greg and Fergus seem unique. Others must humbly submit their efforts. I hope you think that they are worth listening to.


(ii) What Next in the Law, by the Rt Hon. The Lord Denning, at p. vi.


Fergus said...

Your comments humble me Phil, thank you.

And with this post I think you have affirmed that you have not 'followed the crowd' - your response is one of indifference to the 'charge' and dignity. Someone who followed the crowd would cry with indignation as they desperately attempted to grab readers through controversy. And this you have avoided, and for that, I salute you.

Phil' said...

Credit where it's due.

N said...

I agree wholeheartedly with Fergus. What more can I say? Simply by your observation that you loathe to follow the crowd, you immediately recognise a quality in yourself that will surely take you far in life, Lord Chacellor. Good on you Sir!


Gavin said...

The most interesting thing in this post is the statement that the things you write are not final conclusions but thoughs in progress to which others may contribute and may even pursuade you to think again. This is the spirit of the intellectual (such a pretensious phrase) and is wholly commendable, displaying integrity of the highest order. I wish to echo the sentiments, and I wish I had said it first.

P.S. I am honoured to be listed under "blogs of note", especially as there is little of substance on it yet.

Phil' said...

'Of note' is a useful term...