Friday, 23 March 2007

The History Boys

You have a very simple post from me tonight. Yesterday, I went to see The History Boys, a play by Alan Bennett, in the West End. It was a superb play, as it was when I saw it at the National. Last time, however, it struck me as a poignant comedy. Yesterday, it struck me as a witty tragedy.

Why the difference? I think it's probably because of the different productions. But there were very interesting themes brought up. I won't bore you with them.

One question though: what is the purpose of education? Why are we at school?



Francis said...

Same reason as the characters in the play: Oxbridge, and occasional fondling by teachers

Lidia said...

Did you ever see the film? I thought it was hysterical! Though I find the play itself flawed...

Why do we go to school? To learn how to think. Or how not to, if one is cynical. :)



Gavin said...

I go to school because I don't have anything else to do.

Unfortunately some people have to go to school just to learn simple life skills and basic discipline, while others seek higher levels of enlightenment and fervent pursuit of academia for its own sake. I have often reflected on how we have one all-ecompassing institution to do all of this. School has in recent decades / centuries become more of a place that everyone gets sent to as a matter of course as part of the development process. I wonder if you could isolate this aspect without the learning? This is not an argument, just an observation.

Apocalypticat said...

Francis is right. End of story. :P