Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Advice Required

I have been considering how I should use this 'blog', and what sort of articles and posts I should write. You may have noticed, recently, that there has been an increase in the number of posts of religious import. That is something I previously tried to avoid. So I'd like your opinions, if I may ask for them. Since I won't stop writing about either subject, would you like me to divide my blog?

How would this work? I observe that the website allows one to have multiple blogs for the same user. Simply enough, I would use 'Per Me' to discuss secular affairs: Law, politics, school, day-to-day life, &c. I would establish another one for the other purposes.

What would these other purposes be? Well, Mr McCamley's 'blog war' on religion is in a temporary lull. Partly because I am hesistant to launch an all-out analysis on this blog. So that would find its home on the other page. Similarly, issues of philosophy, angnosticism et al would be elsewhere.

So: what would you all like? I do not wish to bore you, so that is not a rhetorical question. Would you like me to leave the second set of issues alone entirely? I hope not; they will be interesting. Would you prefer it all together? Would you look at the other site?

Whilst you ponder, have a read of my recent post about the Kosovan issue. That sort of post would stay here. Please do respond.



Gavin said...

I would strongly advise against divided your blog. A blog should represent all your thoughts, feelings, musings and rants. I'm worried that you want to separate out religion because many people find it boring. We should stand firm and include it in the rest of our lives, and this should be represented in blog form. Often religion is mixed up with other issues anyway, be it politics, friendship, love or whatever! Don't compartmentalise yourself.

Francis said...

Just right whatever you want to - this isn't monitored or marked by examiners.