Tuesday, 8 May 2007

A General and Unacademic Rant

I've just spent hours this evening filling in my student loan application. For them to give me some money for some tuition fees. And the website - I did it online - is ridiculously ponderous. I dislike filling in details four times muchly. Is it not what computers are there for? To extrapolate and to make things easier. Ah well.

I would advise any teachers happening to read this to look away now: don't read the next paragraph.

Takky. I'm actually seriously vexed. Much more so than usual. I was considering early talking to PTC about him. You all know the grounds. But I'm worried. And the school should know.

Safe again!

On a more positive note, I realised that it's Tuesday today. And I dislike Tuesdays. Which means tomorrow's Wednesday. I like Wednesday. So I'm pleased.

As you may have noted, I'm absolutely shattered.



Lidia said...

I much prefered the paper version of the form. Paper's safer. It doesn't delete things or disconnect at inconvenient moments.

Having said that, they did return my form to me with a polite note saying I'd forgotten to sign and date it... Heh. Whoopsie.

I'm curious about your teacher! I hope he's not doing anything *too* unprofessional.


Francis said...

Let's just say he makes us *work*.

(*sniggers at possible results of planting hazardous and completely naff innuendo*)

Phil' said...

Entirely naff.

Gavin said...

What's the deal with Takky?

And oh my Lord! How long does the online application take? It was so annoying! And Queens' insisted mine was done by 27th April as well.