Friday, 29 June 2007

All change!

So, the exams are finally finished, and I need to work out what to do with all of my time again, other than listen to music and watch tennis. It reminds me muchly of what Tony Blair said. I like him much more now that I don't have to hate him being a Labour MP. He was a good, reasonably R-W PM. I remain gravely worried about the 'constitutional reforms' Jack Straw is announcing today. The chap who introduced the Lords Reforms a few months ago now runs our constitutional affairs. Not encouraging.

Anyway, I digress: what did Tony Blair say about Thursday? He said that it was the little things which were most noticed: that life was good, and it was right to retire, but also that all of those annoyances and pleasures which had been a staple figure for a decade had gone. And that, he said, felt strangest.

It's the same with me. Watching tennis and pondering what to blog about is lovely: I don't have to work. But at the same time, there's an emptiness: that bit where I used to feel guilty for not working is gone.

Ah well! It's all change, and I hate change. To compound the situation, some idiot's got a party this evening which I don't really want to go to.



Lidia said...

Enjoy your party, you idiot. :)

Phil' said...

I shall, thanks. Enjoy your leavers' prom/ball....


Gavin said...

Please comment on my blog about Blair, it has no comments yet! Also, what is your opinion on my new blog look? I'm still in two minds.